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Madrid 2
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Hangzhou 1
Helsinki 1
Kilburn 1
Montebelluna 1
Nice 1
Novi Sad 1
Rosta 1
Verona 1
Wandsworth 1
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Nome #
Mapping of corruption in sport in the EU 58
Integrated Marketing Communications in Football 56
Match fixing 52
Building team brand equity through perceived CSR: the mediating role of dual identification 52
Assessment of the Service Quality Measurement Model for Youth Football Academies 52
Media relations 51
Media Relations in English Football Clubs 48
A digital ethnography of association football fandom responses to corruption 47
Understanding Match-Fixing in Sport. Theory and Practice 47
Marketing, Sponsorship and Merchandise 47
Towards a Better Understanding of Match-Fixing 47
COVID-19 and the solidification of media’s power in football 47
Sustainable is the new black: a commentary on the future of sports ecology 46
The present and future understanding of match-fixing: Exploring the building blocks of match-fixing theory 44
Does relationship quality matter in policy-making? The impact of government-public relationships and residents’ perceptions on their support towards a mega-sport event 43
Does corruption in sport corrode social capital? An experimental study in the United Kingdom 43
Strategy in Sport Organizations 43
Understanding how individuals engage in match-fixing: the role of moral disengagement 42
From horizontal to vertical relationships: how online community identification fosters sport fans’ team identification and behavioural intentions 42
Impact of service quality on youth football participation in China: a moderating role of country-of-origin 41
Strategic brand management in and through sport 41
Managing sport and leisure in the era of Covid-19 41
“Match-fix or perish”. Match-fixing as a commercial solution 40
The football industry through traditional management theories 40
Government-public relationships in the context of mega sport events: conceptualisation and scale development 40
Developing a Conceptual Model of Service Quality for eSports 39
Means as well as ends: some critical insights for UK sport policy on the impact of facility ownership and configuration on sports participation 39
Football and Marketing 38
Corrupt Practices in Greek Football: Are They Inevitable? 38
Operational crisis communication management: a content analysis of FIFA’s communication during Covid-19 38
Public Relations as the key in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 38
Public relations: the missing element in the eSport governance 38
The implementation of integrated marketing communication ({IMC}): evidence from professional football clubs in England 37
Alternative revenue streams for centrally funded sport governing bodies 37
Crisis-Communications Management in Football Clubs 37
Match-Fixing in European Sports: Attitudes and Experiences 37
‘The only game in town?’: football match-fixing in Greece 37
Football clubs and financial crimes in Greece 37
[Review to:] M. R. Haberfeld and Dale Sheehan (Ed): Match-Fixing in International Sports: Existing Processes, Law Enforcement and Prevention Strategies, New York, N.Y.: Springer, 2014, ISBN 978-3-319-02581-0 37
Sport marketing's past, present and future; an introduction to the special issue on contemporary issues in sports marketing 36
Brand consistency and coherency at the London 2012 Olympic Games 36
Perceptions of integrity in sport: insights into people’s relationship with sport 36
Challenges to the role of media in reporting sport corruption: Insights from reporters in Balkan countries 36
Perceptions of the Role of Traditional and Social Media in Communicating Corruption 35
Exploring internal organisational communication dynamics in the professional football industry 35
Financial fair play and competitive balance in the Premier League 35
Brand capabilities in English Premier League clubs 34
Match-fixing in Greece and Turkey and UEFA’s policy responses to it: a comparative study 34
An anatomy of Turkish football match-fixing 34
The inevitability of corruption in Greek football 34
Marketing outsourcing in the English Premier League: the rights holder/agency interface 33
Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in the Football Industry 32
Sport participation: From policy, through facilities, to users’ health, well-being, and social capital 31
Football Fan Tokens as a mode of “serious leisure”: unveiling the dual essence of identity and investment 18
Olympians’ perspectives of environmental sustainability within the Olympic games 11
Transforming sport consumption: exploring motivated sport fans innovativeness in the context of AR live sport streaming 9
Maximizing the Public Relations Agency—Client Relationship in the Sports Industry 7
The effect of government-public relationships on residents’ support in mega sport events: a moderating effect of government crisis response 4
Totale 2.207
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